GOES satellite imagery

GOES 16 & 17 (E & W) Image Viewer (www.star.nesdis.noaa.gov/GOES/)
[GOES-West (full disk)] [GOES-East (full disk)] [CONUS] [N. Pacific] [Pacific NW]
[GOES-W image page] [Pacific NW image page]
[Explanation of GOES 16 and 17 sensor bands (NOAA Jetsream)]

Other satellite imagery

Composite images (U. Wisc. SSEC)
[Global montage] [loop] [Global IR] [Global WV]

Aviation Weather Center International Mosaics (AWC Satellite)
[N. Pacific] [N. Atlantic] [America-Africa] [Africa-Asia] [Central Pacific]

Water-vapor imagery (NOAA ESRL PSD real-time images)
Most-recent pass: [Pacific] [Globe] animations: [Pacific] [Globe]

[MMIC-TPW ver2] (CMISS, U. Wisc.)

Snow and ice (National Ice Center
[N. Hemis] [US & S. Canada] [Alaska] [Europe/Asia] [Special sector]

Fire and smoke
[NOAA Hazard Mapping System]
[FIRMS Fire Information for Resource Management System]

MODIS images
[NASA Woldview]

Satellite discussion and information pages

CIMSS Satellite blog (U. Wisc. SSEC)

National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service [(NOAA NESDIS)] [Imagery Collections]

RAMMB-CIRA Satellite Library [Center for Satellite Applications and Research]

NASA Earth Observatory (earthobservatory.nasa.gov)