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NW Oregon forecasts (NWS Portland)

Earthquakes (USGS Earthquake Hazards Program)
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Tsunamis (NOAA Tsunami Program)
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[NOAA Center for Tsunami Research] [Data Buoy Center]

Fires (National Interagency Coordination Center)

Volcanos (USGS)

Current Levels of Greenhouse Gases (NOAA ESRL GMD)
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Ozone (NASA Ozone Watch)

UV Radiation
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Current solar activity
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Eugene and PNW Solar Radiation Data
[UO Solar Radiation Monitoring Laboratory] [data download page]

Air Quality
[Local air quality overview] [Data-graphing tool] (LRAPA)
[Oregon Air Quality Monitoring Data (interactive map)] (Oregon DEQ)
[Air-quality forecast guidance] (NOAA).
[Air Now Fire & Smoke (interactive map)] (AirNow.gov)

Air-Quality Trends (EPA)

Pollen, spores, and mold (Eugene)