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Current conditions & 3-day history
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NW Regional Modelling Consortium (NWRMC) Model topography [36km] [12km] [4km] [1.33km]
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     4km [1hr. ppt.] [700mb omega] [850mb T] [2m T] [SLP] [1hr snow] [24hr snow] [Pr frz ppt]
1.33km [1hr ppt] [SLP] [2m T] [RH] [10m wind] [10m gusts] [soil moist] [1hr snow] [snow depth]
Extended runs [300mb winds 36km] [700mb omega 36km] [CAPE 12km] [3hr ppt 36km] [3hr ppt 12km]

Storm Prediction Center (Severe storms) (SPC)
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Experimental Smoke Products (RAP Web Page) (HRRR Web Page)
[RAP-Smoke Model Fields - Experimental] (13.5 k m resolution)
[HRRR CONUS Smoke Model Fields - Experimental] (3 km resolution)
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Satellite imagery

GOES 16 & 17 Image Viewer (
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[Explanation of GOES 16 and 17 sensor bands (NOAA Jetsream)]

Radar and lightning

NWS Radar (NWS Radar Page) [Coverage map]

AWC Radar (Aviation Weather Center Radar Imagery)
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Traffic cams

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Fires, Floods, Volcanos

[NWCG Situational Awareness Map] (NWCG)
[Northwest Coordination Center] [Large-fire map].
[US Wildfire Reports Map] (ESRI Disaster Response)
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Waterwatch (USGS)
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MFJD Q [above Camp Cr] [Ritter]

NWS Oregon River observations
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Volcanos (USGS)
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