Patrick J. Bartlein


Department of Geography, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon 97403–1251; (541) 346–4555 -4967 (office); email:; www: ResearcherID: E-4643–2011; ORCID: 0000–0001–7657–5685; Google Scholar


Univ. Wisconsin -- Madison, (Geography) B.A. June 1972; M.S. June 1975; Ph.D. August 1978


Paleoclimatology; Data Analysis and Visualization; Environmental Modeling


Climatology; Environmental Change; Data Analysis and Visualization in Geography


University of Oregon, Department of Geography: Professor (Sept. 1994 - present), Associate Professor (April 1986 - Sept. 1994), Assistant Professor (Sept. 1982 - April 1986); Brown University, Department of Geological Sciences: Research Associate and Visiting Assistant Professor (Research) (May 1981 - Aug. 1984); Boston University, Department of Geography: Assistant Professor (Sept. 1979 - Aug. 1982). Center for Energy and Environmental Studies: Research Associate (Sept. 1980 - Aug. 1982); University of Iowa, Department of Geography: Visiting Assistant Professor (Jan. 1979 - May 1979); University of Wisconsin -- Madison, Institute for Environmental Studies: Research Associate (post-doc) (Sept. 1978 - Aug. 1979).


Graduate Council (1991–1993); UO Educational Technology Committee (2007); College of Arts and Science Curriculum Committee (2005–2007); University Undergraduate Council (2006–2007); outside member, Mikesell Chair (Economics) search committee (2001); multiple departmental search committees. Personnel and Promotion-and-Tenure Committees: Department of Geography Personnel Committee (1997–2002, 2006-present); College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Advisory Committee (2011–2013, Chair 2012–2013); University Faculty Personnel Committee (1998–2000; 2014–2015).


American Association for the Advancement of Science; American Geophysical Union; American Quaternary Association; American Association of Geographers


Current: Quaternary Research (Associate Editor); Annals, Association of American Geographers, Past: The Holocene (Associate Editor); Quaternary Science Reviews; Geology


Annals, Association of American Geographers, Climates of the Past, Climate Dynamics, Ecology, Geographie Physique et Quateraire, Geological Society of America Bulletin, Geology, Global Change Biology, The Holocene, J. Biogeography, J. Geophysical Research, J. Vegetation Science, Nature, PNAS, Professional Geographer, Quaternary Research, Quaternary Science Reviews, Reviews of Geophysics, Science, Water Resources Bulletin.


National Science Foundation: Climate Dynamics Program, Division of Polar Programs, Ecology Program, Geography and Regional Science Program, Division of Earth Sciences, Instrumentation and Facilities, Continental Hydrologic Processes, Earth-System History Program, Arctic System Science, Paleoclimatology Program. NOAA: Office of Global Programs. European Science Foundation. Natural Environment Research Council


Post-doctoral advisor (2); Ph.D. (12 as chair, 20 as committee member) Masters (8 as chair, 32 as committee member)


Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), 2008; American Quaternary Association (AMQUA) Distinguished Career Award, 2016; American Association of Geographers (AAG) Distinguished Scholarship Honors, 2017.

RECENT PUBLICATIONS (209 total; WOS: 166 indexed, 19,098 citations, 12 highly cited; h-index: 77)

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